How do I make a cheap astronaut costume?

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Putting together a cheap astronaut costume is easier than you might think and much more affordable than purchasing one. Making your own costume can even be a fun way to create a unique outfit that no one else will have. You’ll need a few essential items and homemade touches to create this simple costume.


Step 1-

Purchase a pair of white protective coveralls from a hardware store or an online supply company. EBay has a wide selection of cheap coveralls available from various merchants. You should also be sure to purchase one without a hood. Choose a size larger than you would normally wear to get a baggier look. For an even fuller look, stuff the suit with a layer of plastic bags. The coveralls will already have elastic at the wrists, ankles, and waist, which will help keep any stuffing tucked in. The suit will get warm inside, so consider wearing only shorts and a t-shirt underneath.

Step 2 -

Find and attach official looking patches to make the suit look more authentic. Since the coveralls are plastic, iron-on patches could damage the material. Instead, print out patch designs such as the NASA logo, the American flag and space shuttle emblems from the internet. Make sure your printouts are the correct size for uniform patches. Attach them by taping them to the suit’s chest and arms with clear packaging tape for a smooth fit.

Step 3-

Add decorative touches of silver for a more space-themed look. A silver thermal/emergency blanket is a cheap material that’s thin and easy to work with. You can find these blankets online as well and also at military surplus stores. Make a belt out of the material by measuring a thick strip around your waist. Fold the material in half horizontally to create a thicker belt. You can then tie the belt around your waist or secure it with Velcro. For ease in taking the belt on and off, Velcro one end of the belt to the other. You can find Velcro rolls or stickers of various shapes and sizes at most craft stores.

Step 4-

Give the appearance of stitching by taping a thin ½-inch to 2-inch thick strip of the blanket material under the front of each arm. Be careful taping it, as this material is delicate and will likely rip if you try to remove the tape. Continue cutting and taping from under the arms, up across the shoulders, then down the back, creating two long strips that stop at the waist. This will also create the illusion of straps. For a more curved design, adjust each strip as you tape them down to make them curve out in the back, creating two semi-circles. Measure as you go along to make sure both strips are even.

Step 5-

Add white work gloves or thick plastic gloves, along with black boots to complete the costume. The suit will cover your ankles, so plain black or brown shoes will work just as well.

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